The world is pure chaos, it’s lands torn asunder, and everywhere you go the dragons and their ilk cause destruction and death. Welcome the world of Dragons Edge, a place were the lands are nothing but floating islands, all floating around a chaotic ether storm in the center. Imagine a planet ripped apart then pulled back together with water just running off the edges of the islands, and clouds on the same level as the land you walk on.10176128_1483880945157403_9130103109929496803_n.jpgYou have ships, gallons, skiffs, and so on, that fly using levia stones, rocks that are mined from floating chunks of useless land that can not support people, to raise up to higher altitudes, or lower them selves to the very depths of the world…but be warned for the storms at the center will destroy your vessel and no one is said to ever have returned from that place. And to add to the issues of the world one has to contended with the Dragon Overlords that control different areas, even whole kingdoms of the world, as well as Pirates…so the fun never ends in this world.

There are many kingdoms that have formed a coalition and have created a guild of dragon hunters, all with the expressed purpose of hunting down and exterminating the Dragon Overlords and their vast many minions.1385624_574945062570679_432812051_n.jpg Some islands are chained to each other, with others are floating with no other land insight…and some are as large as a continent.

Dragon Hunters

Dragons by 88grzes d5rdw8e